Top 3 tips for getting rid of under eye circles FAST!

Have you every wondered about the many ways to get rid of dark under eye circles? I share in this video my top 3 tips for getting rid of dark circles FAST ??

I share what works and what doesn’t work so that you stop wasting time and money on gimmicky products and procedures!

Step 1) Focus on your skin quality! (Listen for a word of warning about skin care gimmicks!!)

Step 2) Injectables (Listen for a word of warning!)

Step 3) Laser Treatments (Listen for a word of warning!)

Learn more with me One on One at https://rachelvarga.ca/get-started to learn which products and procedures could best help you, and learn which products and procedures to avoid. I will also help you understand how to maximize your treatments, approximate costs, planning out your treatments and so much more!

Expertise in advanced anti-aging treatments including: Medical Grade Skin Care and Consultations Laser Treatments for brown spots, acne scarring, and skin tightening Botox/Dysport Dermal Fillers (Juvederm/Restylane) Coolsculpting Assisting with Facial Surgeriesgs.

WOW, lot’s of great info. I never gave this much attention. You point out some important things to consider. Thank you!

The Body Bungalow

I had no idea that people used fillers in that area of the eye.. this scares the living daylights out of me. Will have to look into the laser treatments. Great tips as always Rachel

The Restart Specialist

Great video and great informations

Sabine Schwartz



Brittany Clow

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