At-Home ZO Face Peel Kit


We brought together a package with everything you need to do a peel at home.
Here is step by step process for your at home peel:
– Cleanse your face

– Apply 2 pumps of ZO Daily Power Defense

– Apply 5 pumps of ZO Radical Night Repair (1% retinol)

– Cleanse your face

– Apply 2 pumps of ZO Daily Power Defense

– Apply 5 pumps of ZO Radical Night Repair (1% retinol)

You will do this routine for up to5 days, if your skin is too irritated stop at day 2/3.


Trust me, it’s so easy to use this At-Home Peek Kit without the scary redness, peeling and downtime!

If you’re looking for an At-Home peel option using actives like retinol (that costs less than an in-clinic peel) here it is!

ORDER NOW AND SAVE 10% off retail when items are purchased together as the At-Home Peel Kit!

You can use this peel for about 1-5 days in a row as tolerated (start with ONLY 1-2 days in a row MAX and then next month 2-3 days in a row, then 3-4…), resume your basic skin care routine, and then repeat in another 4 weeks to keep your skin smooth and help keep hyperpigmentation at bay!

Here is step by step process for your at home peel:
AM and PM for 1-5 days (with the addition of SPF in the AM after)
– Cleanse the face (rinse off your cleanser fully)

– Apply 2 pumps of ZO Daily Power Defense to the face, neck, chest and eyes

– Apply 5 pumps of ZO Radical Night Repair (1% retinol) to the face, neck and chest (KEY TIP! AVOID the eyes but apply up to the eye bone, and only apply to the neck and chest if you have used retinol before!)

Repeat again in 4 weeks and perform this as a monthly protocol! Email me at [email protected] when you need to reorder or order directly from rachelvarga.ca/store

Products Included in the kit are all Full Sized:

ZO Hydrating Cream 4 Oz.
ZO Daily Power Defense 1.7 Oz.
ZO Radical Night Repair 2 Oz.
ZO Exfoliating Polish 2.3 Oz.

FAQ’s and Tips!:

– Day three is when you will start to see the effects of the retinol and begin to peel and this is the best time to exfoliate your skin with ZO exfoliating polish

– Know that on day 3 you will peel so schedule your lifestyle knowing that days 3-5 you will be peeling

– On day two and three your skin will start to feel irritated, this is when we recommend using ZO hydrating cream to help with the inflamed skin

– You can apply your Radical Night Repair onto your neck, but only if you have used retinol before, or only 1-2 days in a row to start.

– Avoid the eyelids completely with the Radical Night Repair. Don’t apply any closer to the eyes than the eye bone. The product will diffuse into the eye area, but if applied too close to the eyes your eyes will get VERY irritated.

– After you are done your at-home peel, you can reserve the products for your next month’s treatment but continue to use the scrub 2-4 times a week!

Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Creates production of collagen
Helps remove surface discolouration and surface texture
Tightens and reduces pore size and can even help with acne and breakouts!


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