Drink your greens and superfoods with Organifi's delicious formulations with both hot and cold options for an easy way to drink your antioxidants, adaptogens and to stay alkaline. Use promocode VARGA and save 20!

Purium Lifestyle Cleanse

SHOP and SAVE $105 on the Purium Lifestyle Cleanse by using promocode VARGA and clear our yeast, fungi, toxins and parasites!

HypoAir Air Purifiers

Compact and science backed air purifiers for your. home! Save 10% on your air purifier using code RACHELVARGA

Somavedic for home energy coherence and structuring water

Create a more coherent energy field in and around your home and also structure your water for enhanced bioavailability of your water! Use promocode Rachel10 and save!

Dry Farm Wines Clean Lab Tested Wine

Enjoy responsibly with clean third party lab tested delicious wine! Get a bottle for a penny on your order using the link below!

Joovv Red Light Therapy Panels

My favourite red light therapy panel! (I like the mini on a plant stand) Save on your order using code RV

Viome Health Intelligence Test Kits and Food Tests!

Test don't guess your super or avoid foods and supplements! Test for it! Save $100 on your order using code Varga10 and I like the Health Intelligence test!

Vivarays clip and go circadian rhythm therapy glasses

I love these stylish clip and go 3 lenses in 1, and presription compatible glasses, for blocking blue light. Use promocode VARGA and save!

8sleep cooling and heating mattress and biohacking tracking bed

The only mattress that actively regulates temperature. Featuring patented hydro-powered cooling technology and the most advanced health and wellness tracking available. Use code VARGA and save!

LumiNir Red Light Therapy On-The-Go and for the face

Check out my go-to hand held red light for the face and body! Use the link below to access special savings

nadovim mitochondrial nad supplement

A doctor-formulated clinically-tested true NAD+ supplement for focus, concentration and cognitive support

Sunlighten Infrared saunas

The skin is the largest detox ordan. Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Use the link below and promocode VARGA and SAVE up to $600 on your sauna!

biOptimizers magnesium and digestive supplements

Optimize your overall digestive health, magnesium for sleep and protein for muscle.

Save 10% using code Varga

enVy Pillow for sleeping and neck support

Check out my go-to pillow in copper! Use the link below to access special savings and use promocode  Varga10!

lambs EMF Protective Clothing (beanies, shirts and undergarments)

Navigating EMF's in our daily life just got easier! I love the Beanie, Faraday Long Sleeve, Briefs, Snood, Socks and well everything!!! Use code VARGA and save!

nochoice emf protective SILVEr HOODIE, jogger pants, oversized blankets AND faraday CELL PHONE CASE

Switching silk for silver never felt so good and it works at significantly blocking EMF's. I am obsessed with this silver hoodie, cell case, grounding cords and blankets. Use the button below to save!

True Light Red Light Therapy and true dark glasses

One of my top red light therapy picks at an affordable price and it is easy to move from room to room and also travel with and take on-the-go!

Just Thrive Pre & Pro Biotics supplements

Check out some of my top pre and pro biotics for gut health combined with potent antioxidcants! Use promocode VARGA15 and save 15% on your next order!

AirDoctor air purifires

Purified air is a key element to reducing skin inflammation. I love my AIRDoctor unit as it adjusts fan speed when more VOC's, smoke, mold or debris is in the air.

AQUATru countertop reverse osmosis water purifier

Getting countertop reverse osmosis and alkaline purified water has never been easier and more cost effective! Get your AquaTru today! 

Toolbox Genomics Home Epigenetics Test Kits

Test don’t guess your nourish, detox and epigenetics insights! Save 7% on your at-home test kit using code Rachel

Molekule Air Purifyiers

You are what you eat and breathe! Ensure your air at-home is clean and free of mold and toxins!

Paleo Valley

Reclaim vibrant health with Paleo Valley. SHOP and SAVE 15% off perfect gut-friendly and clean protein snacks for on-the-go.

Baloo weighted blankets and sheet sets

Sleep with pure and soothing materials with weighted blankets, linen sheet sets and eye covers for a pure, beautiful and restful environment. Use promocode VARGA for $20 off!

Qualia Neurohacker Collective

Restore your ability to remove cells that no longer serve you, feel and look your best, slow aging and more. Use code VARGA and save!

Dr. Joe Dispenza's Lessons

Learn from one of my favourite teachers, Dr. Joe Dispenza, for helping you shape the life of your dreams through his practices and meditations that I enjoy often!

Hydrogen Water Machines

Hydrogen water echo water machines for free radical reduction and slowing aging in portable, countertop and installed options. I love the portable Echo Go!

Living Libations Perfumes and Personal Care

Shop non-toxic personal care products, perfumes, toothpastes and more with Living Libations! Use code VARGA and save on your next order!

Understand Your DNA (Securely!)

A comprehensive DNA scan can reveal hidden health problems and provide vital insights on how to improve your health, skin and slowing aging!

BrainTAP - The Brain Fitness Company

BrainTap gives you the gift of a present mind. I love this tech for deep relaxation of the mind and better sleep! Instead of feeling overwhelmed and distressed, you’ll feel energized and have the confidence to make better choices. Use the link below to SAVE 15%

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Did you know that ionic foot baths are one of the best ways to detox (and saunas)? This is the tech I use to pull heavy metals and toxins from my body for clear skin, a clear mind and reducing toxins! I like this one as you can use it side by side with a loved one! I use this a few times a week!

Berkey Inline Shower Filter

Improve your water quality for better hair and skin with the Berkey Inline Shower Filter. Reduces up to 98% of harsh chlorine, and other common water contaminants which can damage delicate skin and hair. Did you know that the water you bathe in is full of toxins? Purified water is key for skin health!


Take a wellness cue from the likes of celebrities worldwide and take your DOSE on the go. Perfect for traveling or at-home use, our Infrared Sauna Blankets increase the body’s thermal energy and promote a temporary increase in blood flow. As you relax in the gentle infrared heat your body is hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories. So you sweat like you’re working out, without working out.

Leela Quantum Tech

I LOVE the Leela Quantum Bloc and H.E.A.L.®* Capsule. Shop now to balance your energy and boost performance. 

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