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2021 Speaking Engagements and International Summit Appearances (CA, USA, UK)

International Virtual Summits for both the patient and professional!

2021 Schedule:

January 1 Healthy Vibrant Women’s Summit with Laura Frontiero NP(Register Here! Replay is available here)


January 4 Stop The Menopause Madness with Dr. Kyrin Dunston (Register Here! Replay is available here)


January 6 Virtual Practice Integration with JR Burgess LIVE EVENT


January 8 The Anti-Aging Summit with Faraz Khan (Register Here! Replay is available here)


February 11 LIVE The Unstoppable You Summit with Amy Schadt (Register Here! Replay is available here)


February 12 Gold Medal Coaching with Katie Cannon


February 16 High Ticket Wellness Summit with Kyle Gray (Register Here! Replay is available here)


March 18 Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey and Rachel Varga


April 15 Healthy Vibrant Women’s Summit with Lisa Olszewski (Register Here! Replay is available here)


June 29 3 Day LIVE Slim Down Conference with Nagina Abdullah (Register Here! Replay is available here!)


July 14 and 15 Magnetic On Camera – Learn how to be unstoppable on video with Patti Troisi (Register Here! Replay is available here)


July 23 The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast (Listen to the Podcast here!)


August 3 Dr. Serge The Nutrition Scientist (Listen to the episode here!)


September 1 Your Health. Your Story Podcast with Caspar Szulc from Innovative Medicine (Listen to the Podcast here!)


October 18 Total Wellness Mastery Show (Register for the summit here!)


October 20  Stop The Menopause Madness with Dr. Kyrin Dunston (Register Here! Replay is available here)


December 1 Caregiver Conference with Mary Elaine Petrucci (Register for the summit here!)


To schedule Rachel Varga as a Summit Event Speaker or to appear as a guest on your Podcast please contact: [email protected]

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