The Future of Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Robyn Benson

Where is the future of regenerative medicine and anti-aging going? Learn with Dr. Robyn Benson on all things skin care, rejuvenation, PRP, the O-shot, the O-shot, cleaning up your emf's and SO much more! BOOK YOUR ONE ON ONE Virtual Skin and Aging Consultation with...

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Genes and Aging with Dr. Robert Silverman

Have you ever wondered what we can be doing to age well and what our genes have to say? Learn with Dr. Robert Silverman on the many things we can be doing from the inside out to look and feel our best! Find out more about Dr. Robert Silverman...

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Skin Tips and Fasting with Cynthia Thurlow NP

Have you ever wondered how intermittent fasting works and what it's like to receive rejuvenation treatments? In this episode Cynthia Thurlow NP and I share all things skin, womanhood and exactly what we both do to look our best and age as best we can! Find out more...

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Stress and Hormones with Dr. Deb Matthew MD

Learn how stress impacts our hormones and aging process in this inspiring interview with International Speaker and Educator Dr. Deb Matthew MD in this week's episode on the Rachel Varga Podcast! We dive into all things body, mind and spirit for energizing ourselves...

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Asking Our Genes for Skin Health Tips with Dr. Erika Gray

In the age of information, it's all about efficiency and optimization of our time and money. When it comes to our skin health, it's about time we have access to asking our own physiology what it has to say to optimize our skin health. Dr. Erika Gray is the Co-Founder...

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Summer SkinCamp!

Are you ready to get your skin ready for summer? Katie Type A shares her experience in Summer Skin Camp with Rachel Varga! Learn more at in Summer SkinCamp and learn how you can get your skin summer ready in 6 weeks! What’s included and what are you going to learn? 2...

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Customize Your Aging Experience

In all my years of offering rejuvenation treatments, I've never been asked "What is the most EFFICIENT way to age impossibly well?" For many years, I've been a firm believer in working with my team of healers to know my healthy baseline, help me identify when my...

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