What Makes Rachel Varga Different?

Rachel Varga is one of the first to blend the western approaches to skin care and rejuvenation, functional insights and biohacking optimization strategies. By blending the best of these worlds and observing what her most radiant patients are doing she will also help guide you on your path to healthy skin and vibrancy for many years…

Rachel Varga's approach to skincare and rejuvenation differs from many skin influencers who focus on social media in a few ways:

  1. Evidence-based approach: Rachel Varga's approach to skin care is grounded in science and research. She stays up-to-date on the latest advances in skincare technology and techniques, and incorporates them into her practice and published research.
  2. Holistic approach: Rachel Varga's approach to skin care is holistic, meaning that she looks at the whole person – not just their skin – when developing a personalized skincare plan. She takes into account factors such as diet, stress, sleep, and lifestyle habits that can impact the health and appearance of the skin.
  3. Non-toxic approach: Rachel Varga is committed to using non-toxic, natural skincare products in her practice. She believes that these products are not only better for the skin, but also better for overall health.
  4. Professional expertise: Rachel Varga is a licensed aesthetic nurse specialist and has extensive training and experience in the field of medical aesthetics. Her expertise allows her to provide customized plans that are easy to follow and tailored to the unique needs of each patient. She also teaches fellow Physicians and Nurses, as well as their team on her research backed rejuvenation methods.

Media Kit Bio:

Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011 with over 20,000 procedures performed, host of a top 20 podcast The Always Radiant Skin Podcast, an international clinical trainer for other Physicians and Nurses, celebrity skin expert featured by Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin and more! Rachel is an international speaker and a 6 time academically published award-winning author in the field of regenerative and aesthetic nursing as well as an executive board member and peer reviewer for USA based Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing Journal, and she is a regular contributor to the UK based Journal of Aesthetic Nursing. Rachel is one of the first to combine functional slowing aging techniques, biohacking and modern medical aesthetics by teaching us how to tune into what the skin is telling us about our internal health and what to do about it. Through education on at-home non-toxic skin care, hair care, dermal rolling, in-clinic skin rejuvenation and biohacking, Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to slow cellular aging and enhance radiance using her Holistic SCIENCE of BEAUTY method at RachelVarga.ca where One on One sessions for at-home and in-clinic skin rejuvenation guidance and are available.

“Beauty is a feeling and quiet confidence that comes from being perfectly aligned body, mind, spirit and energy – or as close to perfect as possible! It will be my pleasure to be your guide.”

Rachel is conscientious of the collaborations and partnerships on her two podcasts The Always Radiant Skin Podcast and The Beauty & The Biohacker Podcast to ensure the community receives insights from world class speakers, teachers, healers and presenters in the health optimization, functional and regenerative fields.

Email [email protected] for invitations to present on summits, teaching, speaking, article or abstract requests. Due to the high volume of media and medical journal article contribution requests, Rachel is not considering any pay-to-present or pay-to-publish invitations.

Learn with Rachel Varga as a Patient or Provider on all things skin, slowing aging and cultivating radiance!


Have a question about working with Rachel? Email her at [email protected]

Let me teach you…

Rachel teaches both the patient and the provider on the most innovative and trustworthy approaches to enhancing the skin, slowing aging through biohacking and creating a life filled with beauty and radiance.


For the Patient: Begin with booking your One on One session with Rachel Varga to begin your customized journey towards the best hair, skin and nails of your life by optimizing your at-home skin care, dermarolling, biohacking, grooming and in-clinic options!

For the Provider: Begin with a 1 hour practice consulting session to strategize your in-clinic approach for optimal outcomes, or dive straight into a 4 or 8 hour training session to learn the methods Rachel Varga employs to achieve optimal, consistent and safer rejuvenation outcomes! Online and in-clinic training session are available. Email Rachel Varga for booking details and to find the right option for your clinical needs!

Have a question on which option is right for you?

Email Rachel Varga directly at [email protected] to optimize your learning experience today!


Professional Associations

Active Memberships and Academic Research Journal Publications:

Executive Board Member, Peer Reviewer and Contributor for the USA based Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing Journal (PANJ) (Articles can be found here)


Contributor to the UK based Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (JAN) (Articles can be found here)


Member of the Plastic Surgical Nursing Foundation (PSNF)


Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) certified through ISPAN curriculum


Member of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses (ISPAN)


Member of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses (CSASN)


Member of the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP)

Learn with Rachel in person or online

Let us learn or train together

With in person events or online learning from the comfort of home, enhancing our personal and professional knowledge has never been more convenient!

Speaking Engagements and International Summit Appearances (CA, USA, UK)

International Virtual Summits for both the patient and professional!

2021 Past Speaking Events and Summit Resources:

January 1 Healthy Vibrant Women's Summit with Laura Frontiero NP(Register Here! Replay is available here)


January 4 Stop The Menopause Madness with Dr. Kyrin Dunston (Register Here! Replay is available here)


January 6 Virtual Practice Integration with JR Burgess LIVE EVENT


January 8 The Anti-Aging Summit with Faraz Khan (Register Here! Replay is available here)


February 11 LIVE The Unstoppable You Summit with Amy Schadt (Register Here! Replay is available here)


February 12 Gold Medal Coaching with Katie Cannon


February 16 High Ticket Wellness Summit with Kyle Gray (Register Here! Replay is available here)


March 18 Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey and Rachel Varga


April 15 Healthy Vibrant Women's Summit with Lisa Olszewski (Register Here! Replay is available here)


June 29 3 Day LIVE Slim Down Conference with Nagina Abdullah (Register Here! Replay is available here!)


July 14 and 15 Magnetic On Camera - Learn how to be unstoppable on video with Patti Troisi (Register Here! Replay is available here)


July 23 The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast (Listen to the Podcast here!)


August 3 Dr. Serge The Nutrition Scientist (Listen to the episode here!)


September 1 Your Health. Your Story Podcast with Caspar Szulc from Innovative Medicine (Listen to the Podcast here!)


October 18 Total Wellness Mastery Show (Register for the summit here!)


October 20  Stop The Menopause Madness with Dr. Kyrin Dunston (Register Here! Replay is available here)


December 1 Caregiver Conference with Mary Elaine Petrucci (Register for the summit here!)


December 6 Gold Medal Coaching for Looking Your Best On Camera (Register Here! Replay is available here)


2022 Speaking Events and Summit Resources::


January 13 Awesome Health Podcast with Wade Lightheart from biOptimizers - Time To Look Younger: When Biohacking and Skin Care Collide with Rachel Varga and Katie Moore! Replay is available here!

WATCH the interview here!


January 20 GliSODin Days - Combined Rejuvenation Treatments with GliSODin Anti-Aging Formula: How to Achieve Maximum Results with Rachel Varga and Dr. Cory S. Goldberg (Register Here! Free LIVE event!)

Watch the Teaser Video Here for the GliSODin Days Event!!!!


February 22 The Hormone Prescription Podcast with Dr. Kyrin Dunston MD - Healthy Skin and Healthy Aging from the Inside Out! 

WATCH the interview here!


February 23 The Body Mind Spirit Show with Dr. Betsy Greenleaf on WYTV7 - All Things Beauty Skin Deep

WATCH the replay here!


March 16 Biohacking Your Skin: Top 3 Supplements For Skin Health, Skin Cancer Prevention with Rachel Varga on The Hacked Life Podcast with Joel Evan

WATCH the replay here!


March 26 WisePause Wellness Virtual Global Experience with Denise Pines -  Skin Health and Longevity Tips

WATCH the interview here!


May 6-7 Reversing Hashimoto's Summit with Dr. Anshul Gupta - How Skin Care Toxins and Rejuvenation Can Impact Your Thyroid


June 8-12 Women's Biohacking Conference with Orshi McNaughton - Optimizing Women's Health Through Biohacking


June 11-12 Biohacking Congress in Boston


July 11 The Key To Beauty and Radiance with Julie Michelson on the Inspired Living with Autoimmunity Podcast


August 2 Biohack Your Dry Thyroid Face and Age In Reverse with Dr. Amie Hornaman on The Thyroid Fixer Podcast


August 2-10 Biohack Your DNA with Kashif Kahn


August 23-30  Restoring Your Mitochondrial Matrix Summit with Laura Frontiero


August 25-29 Biohacking World Summit with Dr. Ross Carter in West Palm Beach


August 30 to September 6 Rejuvenation Training Tour in Seattle, Florida and The United Kingdom email [email protected] to book your clinical training session now


September 20 The Healthier Tech Podcast - Rachel Varga Wants You And Your Skin To Be Radiant 


October 5-9 Mindshare Mastermind with JJ Virgin, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Marie Forleo and more on The Best Functional Wellness Practices


October 10 Healthier Pregnancy Revolution with Stephanie Wilson - Rachel Varga's Tips for Non-Toxic Skin Care and Beauty Products During Pregnancy


October 18 Wellness By Design with Jane Hogan - Rachel Varga's Tips for Using Beauty To Reduce Pain and Inflammation


November 1 Stop The Menopause Madness with Dr. Kyrin Dunston - Rachel Varga's Tips for Clean Products That Do Not Mess With Your Hormones


November 3 Functional Nutrition and Testing for Skin and Gut Balancing with Reed Davis Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Program


November 28 Mom! No Coffee Needed Virtual Summit with Dr. Victoria McDonald on Radiance and Purity for Energy!


January 17 Toxin Skin Care Products and Hashimotos with Dr. Anshul Gupta


January 27 Natural Beauty from the Inside Out with Dr. Anna Cabeca


January 31 Learn the Non-Toxic Truths and Alternatives to Slow Aging and Biohack Natural Radiance with Diane Kazer


March 8 How to Biohack Your Radiance on The Amy Edwards Show


March 29 A Healthy You To A Healthy New Born with Chelsea Royce on Non-Toxic Beauty


April 3 Anti-Aging Skin Treatments: How To Achieve Maximum Results with Rachel Varga and Dr. Wendy Myers


May 18-19 International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology on the most innovating skin and rejuvenation practices for powerful outcomes in Dubai, UAE


June 22-24 The 9th Annual Biohacking Conference with Dave Asprey on Biohacking Your Beauty and Slowing Aging. Register now and let's connect LIVE and in person!


To book Rachel Varga as a Summit Event Speaker or to appear as a guest on your show please contact: [email protected]


Do not contact Rachel Varga for fee to present or publish inquiries.

People are saying
About rachel Varga

Thanks for all the skin help Rachel!

“So, if you like Super Human, Rachel is one of those people who knows everything there is to know about making your skin and your body look ridiculously young.”


Dave Asprey
Founder of Bulletproof

“I highly recommend this woman!”

She is of the utmost integrity and you know I always look for heart centered people because I know they're going to put their best foot forward.”


Dr. Kellyann Petrucci
NYT best-selling author and regular on the Dr. Oz show.

“We need more humans like Rachel Varga
who lead from the heart and aren’t afraid
to innovate to serve others.”

“Rachel is one of the first to combine the beauty and biohacking worlds together by connecting the dots between data points as a clinician while using innovative technologies that track and promote rejuvenation on the inside and outside.”



“Check out Rachel and Katie's podcast (The Beauty & The Biohacker Podcast), book yourself a One on One and avoid making costly mistakes that will have you aging much faster than you need to!”


Wade Lightheart
Co-Founder and President of biOptimizers a digestive and health optimization company


Practitioner Grade Skin Care, hair care, dermarollers & supplements

Optimize your at-home skin care, hair care, make up, dermarolling and personal grooming products as well as their applications. Learn how to avoid toxins and achieve the results you are hoping for. When you book your One on One session with Rachel Varga you can expect a customized approach to suit your specific needs, budget, lifestyle and values with ongoing guidance and support.

Energy Based Skin Rejuvenation

Not all energy devices, lasers and rejuvenation options are created equally. In fact, the technology and the technician are equally important. It is becoming more common for lasers and skin rejuvenation treatments to be available in non-medical settings. Laser skin rejuvenation also carries the highest risk of litigation. It is important to understand your specific skin needs and which technologies are able to target your concerns. 

Non-Surgical & Surgical Rejuvenation options

Aesthetic skin rejuvenation has become increasingly popular but they do not come without risks. Rachel Varga has published international academic journal articles on her unique rejuvenation algorithm to move from least invasive to most invasive to help reduce harm and achieve optimal outcomes. Non-surgical and surgical options are available for a variety of skin concerns and understanding the benefits and limitations are important for optimal outcomes.

Functional wellness & biohacking

Body, mind, spirit, energy, detoxification and cleansing practices are paramount to setting the stage for optimal skin and rejuvenation outcomes. It can be difficult to know where to start on your path to higher vibrancy and radiance. By blending functional wellness strategies, biohacking and daily AM and PM skin care practices there may be a greater chance for success by supporting the largest organ of your body, which is the skin, from the inside out. The Rachel Varga Podcast is full of nearly daily insights to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Become your most vibrant and radiant version for many years

One on One International Skin Rejuvenation Sessions

Learn with Rachel how to optimize your at-home and in-clinic skin and rejuvenation journey through a customized approach aligned with your skin goals, needs, values, lifestyle, ethics and much more!

  • An overview of your skin goals and facial aging process
  • A review of your current routine and upgraded practitioner grade skin care recommendations with ongoing support
  • At-Home skin rejuvenation options including dermarolling, light therapy, peels and other at-home options
  • In-Clinic skin rejuvenation options including chemical peels, lasers, injectables, body sculpting and other non-surgical/surgical options
  • A completely done for you rejuvenation plan including approximate costs, and how to integrate/prioritize treatments into your budget and lifestyle
  • 3 provider recommendations in your area and which options to focus on with them
  • Ongoing support to help keep you on the straight and narrow through direct email support, seasonal SkinCamp program registrations and 30 minute follow up sessions

I look forward to meeting with you soon!

Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS

[email protected]


Dear, authentic, soulful and magical Rachel. A true light in the world sharing her unique sweet energy with us all. Inspirational being with so much to offer all who seek!

– Lisa from Salt Spring, CA

Rachel provided me a personalized consultation via skype. She was very lovely and fun during the consultation and provided more than what I expected. She not only gave me a detailed consultation on my personal features and goals for anti aging. But also provided highly reputable local doctors in my area and what warning signs to look out for. She is someone I trust and will turn to again and again if I have any questions or concerns on medical skincare and procedures!

– Yolanda from Florida, USA

This was one of the most valuable consultations I have ever had! Now…keep in mind…we met virtually. However, not a single thing was lost because we weren't sitting across from one another – if anything – I gained a ton! Why? Rachel knows so much!! She and I discussed skin care, skin types, what was going to be best for me, she did a skin evaluation (yes..even online!!), discussed what type of procedures would be best by a plastic surgeon vs dermatologist vs aesthetician, best facials specifically for me AND finally..best make up. She is so NOT salesy one bit – not at all! She genuinely loves what she does, has a passion for helping others and teaching people what is going to be best for their skin. If I lived anywhere nearby…I would have made an appointment to see her like tomorrow!! I think what my number one takeaway was not only do I feel like I finally (and I mean finally) know what is going to work best for me – but I know Rachel will continue to be here for me and that's an awesome feeling. I can't recommend her enough!!

- Peggy from San Diego, USA

I have had the privilege of meeting Rachel though my daughter. I think she is incredible. She is a very knowledgeable person on skin and skincare. She has taught me so much. She took lots of time with me to figure out about my skin and getting the right products to use. My skin has never looked better I have had people say I look younger after using the things Rachel has recommended. I think as I go forward I know my skin will look great. She is a treasure.

- Donna from Colorado, USA

Rachel is highly skilled, passionate, knowledgeable, invested, and honest about helping her patients to look and feel their best. Since meeting Rachel I unequivocally feel and look better in my 40s than I did in my 20s. I have the utmost confidence in Rachel’s abilities and advice. I trust Rachel inherently to enhance my outer beauty in the most natural manner, thereby fostering my inner well being. Aging is a privilege; and with Rachel’s expert assistance it is a pleasure to grow old gently and gracefully.

- Clare from British Columbia, CA

I am very pleased to say that I received a very professional and honest advice from Rachel threw out the process, regarding derma rolling. I had possibility to order serums to Finland. The delivery was very quick and easy. The packaging was very professional and when I opened the package, I had a big smile on my face, a nice small surprises came from Rachel, looked like she already knew what is good for me. I can warmly recommend wonderful Rachel.

- Daiva Vahvelainen

So much knowledge ! I enjoy listening as every episode is full of informative information about living our healthiest lives. Having energy and the passion of being alive ? so much great aesthetic knowledge of all the new trends from lasers , injectables to cosmetic surgery. Love ur Passion for life and ur career as an Aesthetic Nurse ?

- Wavingpalms

I recently met and found Rachel’s show and love her alignment. Who she is in person is who you hear on her podcast. She’s a must follow IMHO.

- Michael OB

Just had my initial consultation with Rachel. She is so knowledgeable and straight forward with what your skin needs. Can't wait to start my new routine!

- Lisa Jordan from Louisiana, USA

I love Rachel Varga’s podcasts! There is nothing better than taking care of the inside, mentally, nutritionally and with physical activity to glow on the outside. As well with self care. This podcast reiterates the importance of this with these two fantastic and knowledgeable health care professionals and very down to earth ladies.

- Beth from USA

The Rachel Varga Podcast

Through nearly daily updates on the show, you can be sure to remain on the straight and narrow with Rachel Varga through free solo content and hosting special guest interviews sharing the latest innovations, research and slowing aging insights.

Beauty and Brains!
“Rachel has so much experience and expertise in aesthetics and more and shares with us so generously. I learn something new from every episode and they're entertaining as well.”

Kyrin's Hungry via Apple Podcasts

Such a beautiful person inside and out!
“Rachel does an awesome job of bringing the latest, evidence based technologies to us while being thoughtful of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit! She has great, knowledgeable guests who are on the forefront of health, and you can tell she loves connecting people for good!!”

gyniedoc via Apple Podcasts

Natural options
“Love that we have natural ways to still maintain our beauty and fight aging! Thanks for sharing!”

Aimee Carlson via Apple Podcasts

Wealth of Knowledge
“Rachel Varga is truly a wealth of knowledge and a savior. She has turned my skin from a red, rash of a mess to a clear, clean slate. When I see something new regarding skincare, I go to her first before I decide if it is something for me. She has a true passion into helping people. Look how hard…”

TheBodyBungalow via Apple Podcasts

Highly recommend
“I literally fell in love with Rachel’s podcast ! I learned a lot of things about skin rejuvenation. She ‘s so passionate and she really helps to understands which are the best treatments available in the market. I wish I could live in Canada. I would have been 100% her client!”

cecilias__flows via Apple Podcasts

Be vibrant and be radiant

Let me teach you how to achieve healthy hair, skin, nails and slow your cellular aging

It can be difficult to know who to trust and where to begin in the realms of skin care, rejuvenation, wellness and biohacking. Rachel Varga simplifies the process beginning with a One on One session, easy to access resources and many avenues for ongoing support and continuing education in both free (The Rachel Varga Podcast and Email) and paid formats (Seasonal SkinCamps and 30 minute follow up calls).

Discovering what radiance is and how we attain it is my life's work. Optimizing the skin is less superficial than you may think as it is the largest organ of the human body that is impacted by every other organ system and decision you make. Let me help you make those decisions more clear and easy to help keep you on the straight and narrow in your skin, rejuvenation and self optimization journey.

Avoid the bright and shiny objects on the internet, store shelves and now highly commoditized rejuvenation clinics. Let Rachel Varga guide you towards tried and true options to achieve the results you are seeking and optimizing the path to get you there.

Let me teach you...

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