I can't wait to share with you my favorite skin care tips for winter!

Travelling with family and friends, and spending time in different climates, temperatures with festive food and drinks can certainly impact the skin!

Sometimes we can experience skin concerns like dryness, flaking and redness on the face and body that can be external signals from your beautiful body that something is going on inside. It is important to listen to these cues and act on them promptly. These are concepts I teach in my One on One consultations for customized skin care and rejuvenation guidance, Tutorial based lessons in Winter Skincamp and we go EVEN deeper in The School of Radiance!!! These are the three layers and the progression that I recommend working with in to allow you to come into your most beautiful, powerful and radiant self!

What are some of my best skin tips on the fly when we are out of our typical routines and affordable over-the-counter items to rescue the skin?

If you've been listening to The Rachel Varga Podcast for some time now, you know that I LOVE taking epsom salt baths with baking soda, borax, oils and a few other goodies depending on my mood 🙂 The epsom salt, baking soda and borax bath blend is a decades old radiation detox bath tip. Staying pure to be radiant is one key to deep beauty that I teach my One on One clients, SkinCampers and in The School Of Radiance.

I recently experimented with food grade organic avocado oil as my skin was craving rich hydration and I had run out of my favorite pineapple body oil! In a pinch I will use the hallelujah hair oil and recently found that avocado oil was remarkable for the skin! When I would make my salads and use this for dressing I would put the oil on my hands and found it to be delightful!

Here's a tip for making your own at-home scrub and hydration mix!

Scrub the skin (gently) with epsom salts and finish off with avocado oil. You will be delighted with how delicious your skin will feel. Sometimes the most simple and pure options are the best ones.

Interestingly enough, with my skin type being fair skinned, light eye color and darker hair, I would previously burn in the sun after only about 15 minutes. Over the last 3 years of optimizing my home and living environment, taking my Dermal/Anti-Aging Formula regularly as well as other key antioxidants have helped reduce the overall inflammation in my body. I will discuss this more with you in a One on One session and routine that is customized for you to help keep your internal inflammation down by increasing the amounts of internal antioxidants which in my experience act as an inner sun protectant.

I've also recently found that avocado oil provided me with a degree of protection alongside my favorite zinc face and body sunscreen. The Ultra Zinc sunscreen is particularly lovely for the face and body as it is hydrating, blends beautifully with the silky formulation and is free of toxins. It's even a sunscreen I will use on my future babies! 🙂 The Super Serum is my top antioxidant serum when we get a little extra sun as well that you apply after cleansing and before your moisturizer, sunscreen and make up!

Keeping your skin care and lifestyle clean, pure and beautiful will result in YOU being more radiant, looking and feeling your best and having beautiful interactions with yourself and others! What more could we ask for?

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Many blessings and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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