How can we biohack our bedroom, our bedding, blankets and living spaces for slowing cellular aging? In today's show we are discussing the benefits of sleeping with weighted blankets and certain materials that support sleep and slowing aging!

Elizabeth Grojean is founder and CEO of Baloo Living, a sleep and wellness company here to support people in reconnecting mind and body for a deeper sense of peace through cool and breathable weighted blankets. Elizabeth launched the company after taking a year-long sabbatical to Bali, where she was transformed by the opportunity to find stillness and connect with nature on the magical island. Now back in the US, Baloo is in its fourth year and privledged to be providing a tool that works to support better sleep for whole body wellness and increased peace of mind.

I adore Baloo's weighted blankets and bedding, and the fabrics and styling are divine! Use code VARGA and save on your next purchase of Baloo Living to enhance your house and home here https://balooliving.xayxet.net/Ea6ZRW

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