Move into fall with glassy, hydrated, clear and optimized skin! In today's show I share my top 5 mature fall skin tips that I know you will love! I have a few recommendations to make this seasonal shift as seamless as possible!


I would love to share with you my quick and easy preview of my Top 5 Mature Fall Skin Tips for Glassy and Hydrated Skin that I expand upon in today's show!
  1. Customize your shifting hydration needs by having a lighter moisturizer on hand for lighter daily needs, and one that is a little more hydrating to use after your dermarolling and retinol which can create a little redness, dryness and requires extra recovery support for optimal outcomes with my more advanced and mature skin protocols.
  2. Cleanse and exfoliate the skin regularly to reduce oxidative stressors from accumulating in the stratum corneum layer of the skin.
  3. Optimize your at-home skin care and dermarolling routines, incorporate skin actives like vitamin c and vitamin a, take hair, skin and nail supplements (always make sure they're third party independent lab tested!), and use non-toxic hair growth stimulating shampoo, conditioners, scalp care and styling products. Shop my Fall Skin Essentials here!
  4. Plan and optimize your fall skin rejuvenation journey to address things like hyper/hypopigmentation, redness, sun damage, fine lines, large pores and stimulating more collagen which may involve laser skin rejuvenation and other non-surgical interventions depending on your skin goals, budget, lifestyle and desires.
  5. Continue to biohack your air, water, lighting, EMF's and perform regular detoxification with systemic cleanses like the Purium Lifestyle Cleanse (that I am literally drinking now!) to remain as pure as possible.
Bonus tips for keeping stress down (which depletes key nutrients) and keeping your essential nutrients up!

  1. By supporting your adrenals and immune system you support the ability of your body to remove excess melanin, keratin and other cellular fragments that precipitate as rough, dry and raised skin patches and sun/age spots. Shop my Adrenal and Stress Stack here with a few extra self care goodies!
  2. My husband and I start everyday with purified water, greens and superfoods to give my body potent adaptogens and hydrating nutrients to support healthy cellular function, support my mitochondria and keep my energy levels up with the delicious Organifi superfood juice powders that are a fraction of the cost and hassle of fresh juices and won't break our fast with under 30 calories per serving! I am nothing short of obsessed with Organifi products and have been taking them routinely now for 3 months and love my skin and energy results.

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Here are a few dermarolling tips to get you started:


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