Biohacking and soul work with Rachel Varga
by Louise Swartswalter

Some of us are just…special. Different in some way. We can feel it, and we acknowledge it within ourselves. So what does that look like on the outside? In this intimate conversation with Rachel Varga, a double board certified nurse and an international clinical trainer for other physicians spoke with me about the true definition of radiance. As a speaker and a four-time academically published award-winning author, the conversation flows easily as she shares with us the ways in which to bring forth your most radiant, highest vibing version of yourself to fruition.

Listen to the episode here! https://brainsoulsuccess.podbean.com/e/biohacking-and-soul-work-with-rachel-varga/

Inside this episode:


  • Rachel’s story on how multiple major life-altering accidents in her life pushed her onto a path of self-healing and discovery.
  • How electromagnetic sensitivity has changed her niche medicine practice to include biohacking and soul work.
  • The fascinating future that awaits all of humanity as the medical field takes a collective step into the shift of focusing on biofeedback in harmony with physical reports.


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Get the smooth, healthy, clear and radiant skin you've always wanted!

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