I do hope you are well! I’m so grateful for you and your ongoing support!

I wanted to share with you something that I do to help reduce stress and pain, and also improve my energy and focus that you can try for free too! (If you’re brave!)

It’s cold therapy. It’s hard. It sucks. BUT afterwards I feel absolutely amazing and highly energized. My skin remains clear and my sleep is more restful that evening – as per my Oura ring sleep tracker!

Have you tried cold therapy? I’ve been doing it a few times a week for a few years and I enjoy the nervous system grounding and cardiovascular benefits – and it’s certainly a challenge! The more I do it, the easier it is for me to regulate my heart rate and improve my heart rate variability.

What does this practice have to do with our skin? When we reduce our oxidative stress and cultivate resiliency in our bodies, we have less inflammation in our body and on our skin! We simply become stronger and our body becomes better able to deal with stress and “inflammaging“.

What are my top skin care picks at the moment? My skin gets dry, is still acne prone and I want to focus on anti-aging. The Is Clinical Reparative Emulsion and the Is Clinical Neck Perfect face/neck moisturizers have been a hit for me and my clients!

Check out a few of my favourite products here – or just send me an email and I will get you sorted with a customized skin care product order! Email me: [email protected]

Bonus Tip! Perform your dermal rolling and skin care routine alongside your red light therapy! I love the Jovv red light therapy 🙂 This is something called biohacking stacking where you’re doing a few beneficial things at once!

FREE Summit Alert for Health/Wellness Practitioners!

In my upcoming summit talk with my friend Kyle Gray, we talk about looking great on camera!

It’s a free talk I give as part of Kyle’s High Ticket Wellness Event primarily for health providers making the shift to online care. I also share some of the things that have helped me including behind-the-scenes of my online strategy to help you! I definitely share things in this talk that I haven’t shared anywhere else!

This summit is beneficial for anyone wanting to present their best version on camera/film. The lineup of speakers is STACKED with some of my friends and colleagues, and if you’re doing more zoom calls for your work – this is one you’re not going to want to miss!

I recommend registering asap here for the FREE event while it’s still free 🙂

How these summits work is if you register by a certain date you get the seminar/lessons for free.
The replays are then available for a small fee.

Don’t miss out – I adore Kyle and he’s really doing some amazing work in the world!

FYI – I am extremely impressed with Kyle’s level of kindness and radiance in his online work and I’m VERY particular who I collaborate with and share with you! You will see what I mean in our summit talk together 🙂

If we haven’t yet met, I would love to meet you!
(Private sessions are of course available internationally!)
Many thanks for your ongoing support and be well 🙂

Be sure to email me directly questions around your skin and skin care! It will be my pleasure to help guide you on methods based on science!

Rachel 🙂



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