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I wanted to share a few things I recently shared last week in Week 1 of Winter SkinCamp 2021 for what I have done, and continue to recommend, to “set the stage” for healthy skin from the inside out! It’s all about testing and not guessing or jumping on the latest fad diet/health trend. Just do what’s right for YOU! In the past, the tests I reference below used to be thousands of dollars and now they’re a few hundred dollars and easier to take and review your results than ever.

I have episodes on all of three options below at RachelVarga.ca/blog if you want more information on them and my personal experiences with them!

Epigenetics Test for general lifestyle guidance based on your genetic blueprint to keep your inflammation minimized, age well and potentially learn about pathways in your body that may be “bogged down” and how to optimize them. BTW this is completely different test than other tests in the past like 23andMe.

Use promocode: RACHEL for 10% off at http://mytoolboxgenomics.com/

Viome Gut microbiome tests for food optimization and getting some data on the health of your gut, ways to improve your gut health scores as well as “precision supplements” like what astronauts do!

Use promocode: Rachel10 for 10% off at https://www.viome.com/

If you haven’t yet gotten your Envy anti-aging Pillow, which I’m obsessed with, you should definitely start looking at reducing squishing your face while you sleep!

Use promocode Rachel10 for 10% off at https://www.envypillow.com/


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Join me on a 5 week journey to address your skin’s seasonal winter needs, boost your hydration and skin health while getting more radiant from the inside out. We are going to do a deep dive into the latest technologies, the best at-home kits and tolls as well as everything you NEED to know about collagen and the latest research around this.

If you’ve all of a sudden woken up with tech neck, acne from wearing face masks, or dry and thinning skin, and losing collagen faster than you can regenerate it, let’s get your skin glowing for 2021 (and for the rest of your life!) STAT!

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Check out a few recent SkinCamper’s Testimonials here!

I can’t wait to see you in the program!

Many thanks, be well and I am grateful for your ongoing support as I do my best to continue to support YOU!

Be sure to email me directly questions around your skin and skin care! It will be my pleasure to help guide you!

I would love to hear from YOU!

Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS

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DISCLAIMER: Information in this podcast and interview is not to be taken as medical advice, and always consult with your Physician before making any lifestyle changes. The material shared by guests in this podcast is not the opinion of Rachel Varga, and disclaims any responsibility of inaccurate credentials of guests or information used that may cause harm. Always consult with your licensed Physician before any lifestyle modifications.

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