What types of questions should we be asking the companies that are there to help us test and track our health? Should we be concerned about data collection? How can we learn to test and optimize our health without sacrificing our precious privacy – or is privacy a thing of the past? Learn in today's episode with Dr. Erika Gray an “industry insider” in the space of gene testing and what you need to know before sending off your biological samples for analysis!

In the age of information, it's all about efficiency and optimization of our time and money. When it comes to our skin health, it's about time we have access to asking our own physiology what it has to say to optimize our skin health. Dr. Erika Gray is the Co-Founder of ToolBox Genomics and she shares with us what my results were in regards to my nutrition and detoxification pathways for optimizing my overall health (and of course skin health) through my recent testing at https://toolboxgenomics.com/rachel

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