In all my years of offering rejuvenation treatments, I’ve never been asked “What is the most EFFICIENT way to age impossibly well?” For many years, I’ve been a firm believer in working with my team of healers to know my healthy baseline, help me identify when my health has wavered, and then have them offer me their strategies to get me back on track.

Although I truly love working with my team of health providers, and I recommend you cultivate your own, I think the future of regenerative medicine is moving towards a more customized and easy to access approach from the comfort of our own homes. The problem is, how do we age impossibly well without spending hundreds or thousands on health coaching that isn’t necessarily customized to our specific physiological needs? How do we take out the “middle man”, order take the tests ourselves, receive an analysis and then apply your new found knowledge by way of optimizing our nutrition and lifestyle based on what our genes have to say instead of what’s “trendy” or “the latest research”.

If you’re a listener of The Rachel Varga Podcast, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some of the most brilliant minds and ICONS in the space of health, wellness and biohacking. The overarching theme I have pieced together through my hundreds of interviews with leading health experts is skin care, food and lifestyle OPTIMIZATION using LABS and TEST KITS.

What are labs? These are tests that you can either have ordered through your Naturopath or Functional Medicine Provider, or if you’re lucky to know of a reputable source you can simply order them yourself. In the age of doing-it-from-home we can simply have the test delivered to our door, do a simple swab of the cheek, send the swab back to the company for analysis and POOF you get your results for a highly customized way to optimize your food, personal care products and healthy living practices! Yes, it’s that easy… If you want to order your own lab kit just go to toolboxgenomics.com/rachel for 10% off of your lab kit!

The test kits which are best optimized for skin health are the Nourish and Detox panels!

Let me know how your test goes or if you have any questions for aging impossible well at [email protected]

I shared my recent LIVE testing in Summer SkinCamp which was entertaining to say the least! This is a community where I answer LIVE Q&A in bi-weekly live calls on all things skin and rejuvenation to help you get your skin glassy and healthy for summer in 6 weeks.

I hope this message helped to shed light on where I see the future of health, anti-aging and regenerative medicine is headed! I truly believe it is moving into the direction of a high degree of customization and optimization based on what our genes and specific physiology have to say!

Thank you for reading and please reach out with any questions at [email protected]

Many thanks and be well!

Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist from 2011

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