If you’ve ever heard me speak on the importance of “the way we sleep”, you’ve heard me talk about the EnVy Pillow. What’s critical to know is that when we sleep, it’s not just about getting great sleep quality, it’s also about not accelerating the aging process by the way that we sleep! Did you know that our faces age primarily based on 3 physiological changes including bone, fat, and soft tissue changes like loss of collagen and elastin. If you sleep on your side or your stomach and you don’t use an EnVy pillow, what you’re likely unknowingly doing is accelerating aging by compressing your facial features as you sleep. Also, if you’ve ever woken up with a vertical line on your face, or are bothered by upper lip lines, side or stomach sleeping may be the culprit.

This really is taking beauty sleep to a whole new level. This pillow is literally what I’ve slept with for nearly a decade, and I highly recommend using a device like this one to reduce facial compression and give your neck and head just the right support that they need. As with many things that I talk about, quality and the manufacturing process does matter. I trust my fellow nurses at EnVy pillow, Kathy and Kim, who created this amazing pillow to create a healthy and helpful beauty product to help us all age well.

Also, in response to the latest PPE issues across the globe for our front line workers, EnVy has shifted their manufacturing from making medical grade pillows and pillow cases to making reusable copper infused face masks. They also have a wonderful initiative to support our front line workers with every purchase of their masks, which have antimicrobial benefits of copper backed by research, into these face masks for added protection. I personally am going to be switching from a disposable mask to a more eco friendly and reusable option like this one when I return to the clinic and provide rejuvenation treatments!

Please give Kathy and Kim some appreciation and support their mask initiative by purchasing a face mask, and be sure to check out their amazing EnVy pillow to keep your face, neck and back supported while you maximize your beauty sleep!

Many thanks and be well!

Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

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