Over the years of helping people improve their skin through medical grade skin care, chemical peels, laser skin rejuvenation like IPL and laser resurfacing, and other non-surgical options like injectables and body contouring, I’ve noticed a few common threads in my patients who are really thriving. It’s great to see someone like me in the clinic for your skin rejuvenation, however, what I’ve observed since 2011 and having helped thousands of clients across the globe, is that my most vibrant clients are using an At-Home red light therapy device like this one between our rejuvenation visits. Why? These forward thinking and health conscious individuals want to not only age well – but feel better on the inside and out. Anything we can do to slow the aging process and help us feel better is a win win for me!

Let’s talk science for a moment here. Laser therapies have been studied for decades, and it takes a quick google search to find substantiated literature on the rejuvenation and mitochondrial (aka energy) benefits of red light therapy. However, as with skin care, not all products are made equally. It’s critical to support companies who support their claims using scientific data and not just focusing on marketing. It’s also critical to purchase these types of medical grade skin and light therapy devices from either a trusted professional provider (you can just check with the manufacturer to find this out) or purchase straight from the manufacturer. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by watching the Netflix show called “Broken” to learn why you should never again buy a household cleaning product, supplement, beauty cream, or any type of energy device like a red light therapy device off of an “auction based” website. The health threat of counterfeit products and devices is serious.

Ok, now let’s talk about the Joovv red light therapy product. This is a brand that’s taken the time to research their product, it’s gone through the rigours of being classed as a “medical device”, and they’ve had independent third party websites research their products. I love this. Why? Because it’s the science that helps us understand the mechanism of action of these devices and supports the beneficial claims that we are expecting.

I’m really happy to share this insight as to what some of my most vibrant patients are doing to support their beauty and vitality between skin rejuvenation visits in the clinic!

Thanks for reading and be well!

Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

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*Disclaimer: Always check with your Physician before making any lifestyle decisions. Information in this article is not medical advice and it is educational entertainment.

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