Wouldn’t you just love to know about what really gets rid of acne? Skin care, Lasers, Treatments, Injectables and more… They can all work, but what is the best way to tackle acne?

I have helped thousands of clients achieve healthier looking skin, and I would love to help you!

Acne is something that can be challenging, but the first thing to do is to find an expert to guide you. There are so many products and procedures available that will completely waste your time and money, so by finding a trusted provider you will be guided along the best path for you.

I would love to shed some light on a few #acnetreatments that are available to help you get rid of #acne and get clearer and healthier skin.

Let’s take a look at a photo of #kyliejenner without make up.

In this photo you can see that she has freckles and of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. This just goes to show you that celebrities don’t have magical celebrity genes, and they can get acne too! I wonder if her hyper-pigmentation is related to lifestyle, not using daily sunscreen…

It doesn’t look like she has active acne, it just looks more like redness that sticks around post break out. Her skin is actually very nice and smooth!

Tip Number 1!
Medical Grade Skin Care! Not sure where to start with your skin type? Meet with me One on One here through an online consultation https://rachelvarga.ca/get-started

Tip Numer 2!
Injectables can be used to perform subscision and break up adheasions caused by acne scarring to pop up and release the banding underneath the scar which is pulling it down. Then dermal fillers can be used to pop up the skin for box car scars, rolling scars and ice pick scars. I recommend doing injectables for deep scarring after you’ve bumped up your skin care routine and have had a laser treatment under your belt.

Tip Number 3!
Laser Treatments! It’s critical to know that acne scarring is one of the most challenging things to treat with even the best laser technologies. You don’t want to waste your time and money on wimpy lasers. The best technologies for redness is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), CO2 for deep resurfacing, and the Fotona deep fractionated treatment for true resurfacing. All lasers have different amounts of downtime but they are going to work much better than just in office microneedling. The lasers cause controlled injury to the skin and create collagen stimulation and resurfacing. Treatments will also vary by the experience and attention to detail of the provider.

Clean up your lifestyle! If you have acne, many of my clients who also had acne, really took this time to clean up their lifestyle and become as healthy as possible to rule out if the acne is caused by lifestyle factors.

Acne treatments can be costly, and you will be looking at spending about $3-4,000 for skin care, lasers, injectables and ongoing hydrafacials and chemical peels. It’s really an ongoing thing, and the earlier to treat the scarring the better.

I hope you learned so much in this video and I can’t wait to help you!

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