Be sure to watch my video on sunscreens I filmed while en route to holiday in the lovely Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. It is an excellent overview of best practices when it comes to sunscreen.

I always have a bit of a laugh when I meet with a client and ask them if they wear SPF everyday. To be honest, I know that most people are either not going to be completely honest when they answer, or they simply don’t know that the SPF in their make up or moisturizer isn’t enough. Or, they’re dialled in with their sunscreen use (and application) and I feel like I’m preaching to the converted – Hallelujah!

Here’s what you need to know and sunscreens…

In a nut shell there are 2 types of sunscreens. Chemical and Physical Sunscreens. They are completely different in their ingredient profile, how long they last, and their effect on our bodies and the environment.

Chemical Sunscreens are the types of sunscreens that contain ingredients with the endings of “ones” like Oxybenzone and Avobenzone. These chemical agents aren’t ideal because the chemical ingredients deactivate over a period of only 1-3 hours, they sting the eyes, smell like sunscreens, interfere with our hormones and are contributing to coral reef destruction. There are even studies to suggest a link with breast cancer from tissue biopsies testing positive for these chemicals. Chemical sunscreens are often what you find in your primer, bb cream, moisturizer or foundation. All in all, I’m not a fan… Don’t even get me started on bb creams… I will save that for another blog post!

Enter PHYSICAL SUNSCREENS. These are the winners in the sunscreen realm. They contain minerals like zinc and titanium and they don’t smell like sunscreen, don’t make your eyes water, don’t mess with your hormones AND they can last up to 5-6 hours. These are the sunscreens that in the past were formulated as a thick white paste, think white surfer’s noses, but now they are “micronized” and sometimes even have a little bit of a tint to them!

I personally have been using, and recommending to my clients, the Skinceuticals SPF 50 Physical Fusion for the last 6 years. It has a tint to it which I find doubles as a primer and it is amazing underneath my mineral make up (which also contains some mineral sunscreen as well). I love the Glo-Minerals make up line! You can never have too much sunscreen!

If you’re acne prone, like I am, I recommend the Physical Fusion which contains a tint, but if you wear white collars the Sheer formula is best so it doesn’t stain your clothing. Skinceuticals also has a lovely eye SPF with ceramides which helps to lock moisture in and has a bit of a primer effect.

Personally, I won’t leave the house without my sunscreen. Using a medical grade sunscreen, like the Skinceuticals one, ensures you are using a sunscreen that is backed by research and recommended by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Clinical Nurse Specialists like myself.

Sunscreens are critical for preventing premature aging from the sun which results in a decrease in the elastin and collagen in the skin, development of fine lines and brown spots. Oh yes and I must not forget about the prevention of skin cancer! 10% of all skin cancers are said to occur in the delicate eye area and the Skinceuticals SPF’s are Ophthalmologist recommended for skin cancer prevention. I would know – I manage the aesthetic side of an Oculoplastic Surgery Clinic where we offer eyelid surgery and skin cancer reconstruction.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to bringing you more insightful blog posts on skin care, aging well and lifestyle enhancements to optimize your journey towards enhancing inner and outer beauty together!

If you would like to learn more, don’t forget to book your One on One Consultation with me so we can discuss your specific skin type and goals.

Yours truly,

Rachel Varga BScN, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology

Founder of Polished and Professional

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Rachel Varga BScN, RN, Advanced Aesthetic Nurse since 2011 @rachelvargaofficial