Do you know the difference between medical grade skin care and over the counter skin care? No? You should, and it is my job to help you! Why?

It is my mission to save you time and money!

Do not panic if you do not know what medical grade skin care is – yet. Most people have no clue that there is a massive difference between product quality from the drug store, department store, online, spa sephora VS from a Dermatology, Plastic Surgery or Medi-Spa… The product quality relates to the concentration of active ingredients, cleanliness of ingredients, effective formulations, as well as anticipated results.


What this means is that beauty products can essentially say whatever they want on the back of the bottle… Not convinced? I challenge you to go to the drug store and find a “top shelf/luxury branded” moisturizer that promises a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in 2 weeks… Don’t believe it for a second… If there was a product that good you can bet I would offer it to my clients!

Always use your critical thinking skills and beware of claims that seem too good to be true. They probably are! Especially if they are not from a Doctor’s Office or Medi-Spa. What skin care will actually do (when formulated well) will improve the hydration levels of the skin, and supply the skin with the nutrients it needs to be as happy and healthy as possible.

You can think of it like this. If you visit a Naturopath or other Holistic Health Practitioner, their vitamins and supplements are generally going to be better quality than a generic brand from your local pharmacy. The same goes with medical grade vs over the counter skin care.

Products that are exclusive to Physician’s Offices or Professional Clinicians (like Polished and Professional) are on a completely different level in regards to being backed by research, cleaner ingredients, proper chemistry/formulations and have higher levels of active ingredients.

Over my 10,000 hours in the field offering anti-aging/youth boosting procedures, skin care is an absolute must. If someone is going to invest in skin and laser treatments, injectables, facial surgeries and more, skin care is an absolute cornerstone to aging well. To be honest, I won’t even treat someone with a laser treatment in the clinic unless they follow a tried and true skin care protocol!

I truly want to help others make informed decisions in regards to anti-aging which is why I am extremely selective as to which products and procedures I recommend to my clients. This is why you won’t see Polished and Professional endorsing big sephora or drug store brands, because to be honest, a majority of these types of products are terribly over priced, are loaded with parabens and toxins, and won’t deliver what they claim to provide.

These are a few of my favourite brands:

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AlumierMD Medical Grade Skin Care – Canada & UK https://www.alumiermd.com/

EnVy Anti-Aging Pillow – Canada & US https://www.envypillow.com/

Glisodin Skin Nutrients – Canada https://glisodinskin.com/CA

Glisodin Skin Nutrients – US https://glisodinskin.com/USA

Skincode Medical Grade Skin Care – Canada & US https://ca.skincode.com/

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I look forward to helping you bring your greatest version forward for many years to come!

Rachel – Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology

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