Spring break and sunny holidays are like bread and butter (in an ideal world!).

I generally find that clients come to me for a HydraFacialMD treatment pre trip to get their skin impossibly smooth and hydrated, but also post trip to clean out congestion related to differences in their diet, increased oil production from sweating in warmer weather, or for hydration if they visited somewhere cold or dry.

A HydraFacialMD treatment is a staple to anyone’s skin care routine. This treatment is different than a spa facial where you are literally paying someone to cleanse and moisturize your skin. A HydraFacialMD treatment is literally the equivalent to a “wet vac” for the skin. It works by pulling out dirt and debris from your pores, delivers a gentle glycolic acid chemical peel, and infuses anti-oxidants and peptides. It’s brilliant for transforming rough, dry, and itchy skin into smooth, hydrated and impossibly fresh feeling skin.

These treatments are also brilliant before a special event like a social gathering, such as a wedding, or just simply if you are wanting to do something great for the skin with ZERO DOWNTIME! It is safe for all skin types and is incredible for acne or congested skin by providing a deep clean.

If you have just returned from a lovely spring break holiday a HydraFacialMD treatment is a great way to reset your skin.

I recommend these treatments to my clients every few months, change of season, or before a special event (1-3 days prior). If you have acne prone skin, I would recommend 2-3 of these 3-4 weeks apart and then follow it up with an Intense Pulsed Light laser treatment to get rid of post breakout red marks.

Alternatively ZO Medical Skin Care makes a killer exfoliating polish scrub that works in a pinch by literally polishing away dead skin cells. I like to follow this polish up with the SkinCode Exclusive Mask. Poof you have amazingly smooth and hydrated skin in 20 minutes without leaving your home. If you’re like me you could even get through a bit of work or your favourite netflix show while you’re at it!

A HydraFacialMD treatment cost ranges from $50-$200. Buyer beware… I recommend that these treatments be done at a medispa where there is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon involved. Chances are the facility will be cleaner, and your technician will be very well trained. That being said there are exceptions and I know of many! Look for places that offer things like dermaplaning or microblading that may offer the HydraFacialMD as well. I would be more inclined to go somewhere like that over a salon with a HydraFacialMD in a back room.

A great place to find a HydraFacialMD treatment is actually through the device’s practice locator tool which can be found here!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t done so already be sure to schedule your One on One Consultation with me where I can give you specific insight into what you should be doing to age well.

Happy HydraFacial’ing!

Yours truly,

Rachel Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology

Creator of Polished and Professional

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Yours truly,
Rachel Varga BScN, RN, Advanced Aesthetic Nurse since 2011 @rachelvargaofficial