Jane Fonda… Wonder Woman. Platinum Beauty. Queen of Aerobics…

The epitome of a woman who has dedicated her life to wellness and looking after herself – and boy is it paying off! What I wouldn’t give to look as stunning as she does well into her eighties!

I would like to start this article by sharing that I have not personally treated Jane Fonda, but I have performed well over 5,000 botox treatments, over 5,000 laser treatments, and have treated thousands of clients over the last 7 years.

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology it is my job to assist others in their pursuit of enhancing their beauty. What I love about my job in the clinic is the impact I see this making on the lives of others, and the increased confidence I see these rejuvenation treatments bringing forth. What I also see is the importance of lifestyle and how helpful it is to have a friend like me on your side!

This weekend I filmed a YouTube video on Jane Fonda (which you can watch here), and I get into detail about lifestyle tips and the “work” I think she has had done.

With the magic of the internet it is easier than ever for me to find photos of this wonder woman and really take a close look at what I think is going on.

First and foremost, I think that Jane Fonda likely lives a very healthy lifestyle. She made her mark as a figure head in the exercise community with her aerobics and exercise videos and books. I just have to say that she clearly practices what she preaches because she looks amazing and her BMI is practically zero… It is likely she was blessed with incredible genes which is probably what allows her to still fit into her jeans from her 20’s! Good for her! (To ALL of our envy…)

But WAIT! Let’s flip this script! instead of feeling envious, be inspired!

That being said I speculate she doesn’t eat much, but when she does eat it is likely very clean and healthy. She just looks healthy and vibrant to me which is why I am LOVING highlighting her in all her glory.

Has Jane Fonda has a facelift? I would say – absolutely. She’s likely had more than one and that’s fine! I don’t think she likes to talk about this in interviews. To be honest, if I was her, I would probably keep as much as I could under wraps to suppress gossip in the media. I will add that whoever has done Jane Fonda’s facelifts/facial surgeries/injectables has done a world class job and I would like to give them a medal. I can’t seem to find any photos online of horizontal facial lines which extend from the corners of the mouth to the ears, which is a tell tale sign of a facelift, that are often noted when women are drinking from a water bottle or glass, or perform a whistle or puckered lip motion. You do see some of these pull lines underneath her eyes, but it wouldn’t be totally fair if she was completely perfect!

I typically see these “pull lines” in women with facelifts that also have very sun damaged skin. Let’s face it, if you’re fortunate enough to spend your winters in a stunning and sunny locale then those wrinkles are worth it! I call these the “Palm Springers” and I love them dearly for it.

Back to the point of thinning skin… With sun damage also comes the risk of skin cancer. Jane Fonda was seen sporting a bandaid on her lip/chin area which was speculated to be worn after she had a skin cancer removed/treated. This should emphasize the importance of safe sun practices. There are so many options. Mineral sunscreens last the longest but are more expensive, and chemical sunscreens, don’t last very long and get absorbed by the body, but they are cheaper… For more information on sunscreens I recommend watching my video on this topic here.

Botox cosmetic has also likely been a staple treatment of hers for years as well (and mine). This product softens crows feet, smile lines, and frown lines – but a word of caution – it must be performed by an expert so that you get natural looking and symmetrical results. No surprises, I also have a video on the topic of botox which I think you should watch here!

Dermal fillers are also used to provide volume back to the face which does break down with time. I think that Jane Fonda has received judicial botox and filler treatments, but I definitely think she has cheek implants. Cheek implants can last for decades but I have heard one surgeon say they don’t always provide a high rate of satisfaction, but they are a more permanent solution.

Fat transfers are also used but still aren’t permanent. Permanent fillers – please stay away from these with at least a 10 foot pole. When I attend conferences, I hear some injectors say they love them, while most still prefer the Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. The downside with some of the permanent fillers is that they continue to promote collagen production (but when does that stop exactly?) and if there is a problem you can’t just dissolve them like you can with Juvederm, Restylane or Teosyal products which are Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers. These can be dissolved but are not without risks and are very much injector/provider dependant.

All in all I’m pretty sure Jane Fonda is getting “the works”. Which from my experience would look something like this:

– Daily medical grade skin care use

– Skin/Laser treatments every month or so

– Botox/Dermal fillers a few times a year

– Facelift every 10 years

– Cheek implants every 10-20 years

– Continuing to follow a healthy lifestyle

She probably has a trusted expert in a lovely clinic (like myself!) offering her guidance and treatments regularly.

If you would like to learn more, and are curious how you could benefit from advanced rejuvenation procedures you are in luck! Please schedule your One on One Consultation with me here and it would be my pleasure to help you understand products, procedures and lifestyle modifications that could help you enhance your inner and outer beauty – together!

Yours truly,

Rachel – Founder of Polished and Professional

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