What do you need to know to age well?

Well, there are a number of things and it usually takes me about an hour, or just over, to share it. Starting at about age 25-35 we start to develop lines across the forehead and around the eyes. Enter Botox and Skin Care (especially SPF! – more on that later). Botox immediately softens facial lines and can prevent deeper lines from forming. It works on the underlying muscles to soften the action of the muscles and can provide a fabulous “lift” (when done correctly)… I have literally performed botox treatments thousands of times and it is always a slightly different application for everyone! Hence why you need an expert injector who will tailor your treatments for your specific needs.

At age 35-40 volume loss starts to happen and the cheeks begin to flatten and fall. Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Sculptra, and more can help with this. By age 45-55 we have fully formed jowls, and if we are lucky extra freckles and brown spots. Then by 55+ things can really start to go sideways. Don’t worry though, your facial features don’t have to have a death sentence. There are SO many things that we can do to set ourselves up for aging very well. It really does start with you and a willingness to learn how. Save yourself countless hours roaming online videos and articles written by non-professionals. Polished and Professional provides you with the understanding necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals using modern and established medical treatments.

What’s the bottom line? Education and Lifestyle Modification. Learn early on little tips and tricks for setting yourself up to look wonderful well into the platinum decades! That’s where my virtual consultations come in. Schedule a time with me and I will give you everything I have learned, and what has helped me personally, along my aging gracefully journey.

Don’t be fooled though… It really does take skin care, lasers, injectables, the odd surgery here and there (especially eyelid surgery), and a healthy lifestyle to look as good as you feel. There are so many things we can do to empower each other to be healthy well into our golden (and platinum!) years. I am all about co-creation and I am not interested in keeping my aging well secrets all to myself.

Schedule a consultation with me to learn more. Trust me, there is a lot to learn and Polished and Professional can help! Save yourself time visiting medi-spas for consultations that might not offer what you really need. Allow an anti-aging concierge to step in and assist you on your journey.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Rachel Varga BScN, RN

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