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Look no further, your beauty hero is here… I’ve devoted my life to developing myself, and my purpose is now to help develop you. I am a Registered Nurse and an advocate for self care. Most importantly, I have witnessed the impact of mindful living on the aging journey and everything I do is intended to share a philosophy and practice that will help bring your spirit, mind and beauty to their highest potential.

Blending my knowledge of advanced medical aesthetic training, clinical expertise of what actually works, and most importantly holistic health.

As a clinician and educator in advanced medical grade rejuvenation practices, I’ve observed the critical impact of holistic health being first and foremost in the age old quest for inner and outer beauty…

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As an Aesthetic Nurse since 2011, I would love to share with you the many ways I have helped thousands of happy clients achieve beautiful and healthy skin! Receive a consultation and gain a comprehensive understanding of getting the most out of your skin care, skin/laser treatments, injectables, body sculpting, surgery and free lifestyle modifications…

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Learn the science of

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Let me guide you away being sold things you don’t need, and towards options that actually work for aging well.

I guarantee that any other consult at a cosmetic counter or plastic surgery office will not compare to what I can share with you…

1 - Save countless hours online

Online research is time consuming. Youtube and Google have many answers, but not all answers are right for you nor will help you achieve your goals.

2 - Receive a personal assessment

Everyone’s anti-aging and aesthetic needs are different. Enjoy learning with an Expert in aesthetic medicine from the comfort of your own home over Skype or FaceTime.

3 - Knowledge is power

Get educated and gain clinical insight into what products and treatments may be best for your specific needs.

4 - Find a qualified provider

After understanding appropriate treatments, costs, and downtime, Rachel Varga BScN will help you find an expert provider in your area.

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I believe beauty is more than skin deep… and in everyone’s case “soul deep”, if you will. With a blend of holistic health and the most modern rejuvenation methods available, I’ve compiled philosophies and practices with the busy professional mind.

With a no nonsense way of delivering the straight up best ways to age well based on my clinical experience, you will never have to troll another blog or article written by a non-expert in rejuvenation again. Look no further, your beauty hero is here.

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